Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LOLapps Games- Where to Play and Stats

Ravenwood Fair Players have to construct a beautiful fair in order to do well in the game. The carnival theme has helped to differentiate the game from other 2D fantasy themed building games.

Players in the game take the role of an entrepreneurial animal that is attempting to turn the creepy forest into a thriving theme park that is popular among the other animals. According to VentureBeat.com, more than 62% of the persons who play Ravenwood Fair are female. LOLapps also created Ravenstone Mine and RavenskyeCity. A new game, RavenshireCastle, is currently in the development phase.

Ravenwood Fair and other games by LOLapps can be played on Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, IMVU, StudiVZ and Tuenti. According to Gameflame.mogamu.com, over ten percent of gamers who play LOLapps’ games choose Ravenwood Fair. Over 4.4 million people play the game every month.

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