Thursday, May 28, 2015

Font Hill Beach Park Attractions: Birdwatching and More in St. Elizabeth

Font Hill Beach Park is located on Jamaica’s South Coast. Visitors to the parish of St. Elizabeth will find villas in this area that cater to their needs for privacy and relaxation. This area is more easygoing than some of the more popular destinations, such as Montego Bay.

The beach park is located near to the border of the parishes of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth. St. Elizabeth in Jamaica is known for tourist attractions such as Jake’s in Treasure Beach and the Y.S. Falls in Black River. Jamaicans from all over the island and overseas, as well as visitors from other countries, travel to this parish to enjoy the seven falls.

Font Hill Beach Park is a great place to get away and enjoy the beauty of nature. Since the resort is further away from city areas, you can relax and listen to the sounds made by the various birds that frequent the area. These birds include doves, jacanas and black-billed whistling ducks.

 Black billed whistling ducks

There is a wildlife sanctuary in Font Hill and a coastal mangrove is a part of this. You may see birds in the water or observe them in the pimento trees that are grown in this part of the island. Some nest in the trees and also feed on ripe pimento berries.

You may also see birds feeding on the sea grapes that grow along Font Hill Beach. Busy Jamaicans who take a weekend off to relax enjoy picnicking on the beach, snorkeling, trekking along a nature trail, horseback riding and other sports, such as football.

There are activities to suit adults and children, whether you want to burn some calories or just sit back and enjoy some good food. If you are interested in learning the latest dance moves, you can also do so at Font Hill Beach Park in St. Elizabeth.

Top Gift Ideas for Photography Enthusiasts and Photo Business Owners

These top gift ideas for photographers will help you to choose a tool that a photo enthusiast in your life will appreciate. If someone you know is considering turning their hobby into a means of earning extra income, these ideas will help you find a gadget that can help them to achieve their dream.

Apart from cameras, there are several devices that can help a photographer earn money from their work. They can also offer related services to people who have other documents that they need help with.

Wireless Printers
Wireless printers are convenient to use. They make it possible to feel and me more organized and are more convenient to use than wired printing devices. There are several good brands which are preferred by consumers who are looking for these peripheral devices.

The Epson Wireless All-In-One inkjet printer is suitable for the woman or man who needs to do a bit of extra printing and earn money. It is a scanner, printer and copier. It prints pictures and graphics quickly, so jobs get done in less time.

Since it is wireless, it’s possible to print images from a smart phone or tablet anywhere. This device supports Google Cloud Print. It comes with a 2.5 inch LCD.

Roll laminator kit

People in certain professions laminate materials often. They usually have a lamination machine available at work for their purposes. However, people who need lamination done on occasion for personal reasons usually look to a copy shop or a photographer. People who are looking to earn extra money can offer this service in their community.

A Fellowes Saturn Laminator is one of the devices in this category that performs well whether you need a laminator for personal use or want to earn money from it. It can laminate business documents, school projects, photos that a hobbyist alters using photo editing software and children’s school certificates.
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