Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thing to Do on a Blind Date

Friends sometimes help their single friends find a date. Lonely hearts can find the perfect match on a blind date, if their friends select the right person.

If you are going on a blind date, there are things you can do to experience blind date success.

Plan an Activity You Can Do Outdoors
A blind date that takes you outdoors is more likely to be one that gives you a rewarding experience. Blind dates that are less hands-on will be focused more on the personalities of the two people, than on the activity.

For an outdoor date, try going to an outdoor concert. Some outdoor concerts are completely free. You can enjoy the music and your date. Make sure you pick a concert where there is music that you will both like.

If you both like the water, a boat tour is a good option, if it’s available where you live at a reasonable price. It will give you time to talk and you will see lots of things to talk about. Hiking is a good option for two persons who are both physically fit and like the outdoors.

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Be Open-Minded
Be open about the type of person you will meet. Don’t go expecting a certain type of person. If you’re a woman who likes men with goatees, don’t go expecting that type of man to be your date.

Don’t bias your mind before the date, expecting a superstar or a villain.
Relax and have fun.

Do a Background Check
If you plan to meet someone in person for the first time after talking with them online, do a background check before you meet. When you find a date online, doing a background check becomes even more important. There are con artists online.

Investigating a little before meeting the person helps you to be better prepared. It can’t hurt to know a few of their interests beforehand. Dating in the dark should only describe an evening date, not your knowledge of the person. You should know some facts beforehand.

If the matchmaker is someone who knows you both, they should be able to answer the questions you want to ask. 

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